Outer beauty vs. Inner beauty

People often debate about outer and inner beauty. While some people think that inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty, there are other people who do not value outer beauty and pay attention to improve their spiritual life.

However, we should understand that our outer and inner beauty is interconnected and interrelated. Unless we are happy and healthy from inside, we cannot look good from outside. In the same way, as our world is beautiful, we should appreciate the beauty that God has granted to us and try to maintain it as much as possible.

There are certain ways in which this can be done. A simple way to remain in good shape is to exercise regularly. Be it a small walk, jog or playing a sport, going to the gym or doing yoga. Do whatever you deem right but do ensure that you exercise regularly on frequent basis.

Apart from it, eating habits also determine our health that would be reflected on our face and outer body. Therefore, it is important to eat nutritious as well as healthy food. We can have cheat meals at times and enjoy tasty food occasionally, but we should be disciplined more or less and consume healthy and nutritious food overall. 

Drinking a lot of water is also very good tip and works out very well to neutralize the effect of spicy, oily or a non nutritious food. Water helps in digesting the food and it is very important that we consume it abundantly on a regular daily basis. 

All in all, you should be happy and grateful to God to grant you such a good life and be content and happy with whatever you have got. This is basically the most important thing that you need to work out on and unless you are happy from inside you would not be able to get its reflection on your face and your body. If you have anything else to say, do let us know your opinion about this article.