Swedish Massage

Therapeutic manipulation of the body’s soft tissue is physically & mentally soothing. Swedish Massage is relaxing & rejuvenating. An excellent way to destress and promote inner calm.30 minutes – $40.00
60 minutes – $65.00
90 minutes – $100.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to deep tissue massage, designed to relieve soreness. A total body experience for a deeper calm.30 minutes – $45.00
60 minutes – $75.00
90 minutes – $115.00

Couples Massage

Lie side by side & enjoy simultaneous massages. This is ideal for a romantic escape or for friends who wish to relax together. Your choice of massages.
$40.00 per person and up

Chocolate Massage

This unique body treatment, sweet to the senses, is a healthy treat! The natural antioxidants of pure cocoa help to flush out impurities, reduces cellulite, improve circulation & help stimulate cell regeneration. The aroma encourages serenity & mental wellness while the cocoa will soften, tone, nourish, moisturize & protect your delicate skin..
30 minutes – $45.00
60 minutes – $75.00

Stone Therapy Massage

Surrender to the healing warmth of this ancient massage. Heated river stones penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles to take you to a new dimension of relaxation.
75 minutes – $90.00

Balinese Massage

Experience the new Balinese Massage that we discovered in the Florida Keys. Chinese, Hindu & European influences combine to create a relaxing, rhythmic, & energizing massage with varying techniques of acupressure, rolling motion, long strokes and percussion. Complimented with your choice of Jamu oils.
80 minutes – $95.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential Jamu scented oils are healing massage enhancements that have the ability to affect your psyche and stimulate your body’s natural immune responses.
30 minutes – $45.00
60 minutes – $70.00

Fusion Massage

Enjoy our signature massage that blends all the best together. Relaxation, Deep Muscle, Hot Stone & Aromatherapy. A MUST to try!
60 minutes – $75.00

Serenity Massage

Enjoy a relaxing scalp treatment. Includes hand, foot and scalp massage to improve circulation; increasing blood and oxygen supply to the scalp & reducing stress and mental fatigue.
45 minutes – $45.00

Pre-Natal Massage

Let our experienced massage therapists take care of the new mom-to-be.
Helps low back pain and aching feet.
30 minutes – $40.00
60 minutes – $65.00

You Glow Girl

A body polish treatment utilizing sugars to stimulate circulation, increase blood flow, remove rough dry skin, and improve skin energy by exfoliating with deep invigorating products.
45 minutes – $60.00